Frequently Asked Questions

How did the database start?

The database started out as a record of ships we have photographed or seen over the years, it has since progressed to nearly 200000 basic records of ships.

How is the information sourced?

Information on the database comes from a variety of different sources, ranging from builders, ship owners and classification societies to magazines and publications. Each vessel is researched from at least two sources before being added into the database.

Why do we have to pay to access this site?

Due to the large size of the database and the number of photographs that will be displayed (eventually) it was decided that a user pays principle would be adopted from inception. In this way we will avoid having to seek sponsors or ask members to make donations in the future to keep the site running. Keeping such a large database online requires money unfortunatly.

Do I pay an annual subscription or just a joining fee?

A one off modest joining fee is all that is required to join this site. The money raised from the joining fee is used to keep the site operational.

What do I get for my money?

Full access to all the record on the website and the ability to download any photographs for private / recreational use only.

Can I add my photographs?

Yes. The concept of the site is that it will become a research site for ship enthusiasts as it contains both current and former ships.

Can I add new records?

Yes. The nearly 200000 records already in the database is a drop in the ocean of the ships that exist / have existed over time. Please try and follow the record numbering convention when adding new records. It is important that more than one source is utilised when adding records, in this way accurate data can be obtained for ships.

What are the limitations on adding vessels?

Seagoing vessels with an IMO Number can be added at any time. Vessels without an IMO number must have a GRT in excess of 500 tons to be entered onto the database. Fishing vessels without an IMO are not accepted. Note that the administrators may add smaller vessels at their discretion.

What about missing information?

Not all records are complete, any missing information can be added by members to help complete the database.

What is the numbering convention?

We have developed a simple numbering convention which when viewed in conjunction with the IMO number of a vessel can be used to track the history of that vessel. The first name a ship held is considered as record 01 and subsequent names are 02, 03 etc. If a ship changes ownership without a name change it is indicated by .1, .2 etc being added after the name change record number, for example a ship has changed name from its original name it becomes record 02, if it is then sold without a change of name record 02.1 is added.

Why are some numbers missing?

When we started the database we recorded ships we had seen or photographed, we havenít necessarily added all the previous names of the ships back into the database as separate records.

Does each change of name create a new record?

Yes. Old records are not deleted but are retained to allow photographs of ships in different liveries and at different stages of their careers to be included in the database.

Who owns the copyright of the photographs?

Copyright is owned by the original photographer.

May I post photographs from other websites?

No, unless you are the copyright holder you may not take photographs from other websites and place them here. A breach of this condition is a ground for termination of your membership of the site without recourse.

May I post photographs taken by somebody else?

No, unless you are the copyright holder you may not post photographs from other photographers. A breach of this condition is a ground for termination of your membership of the site without recourse.